ACADEMY'S HERALD №3-2013 (37)


S. I. Koroleva

Non-governmental educational institution on multilevel training and retraining: "Come as a cook – leave as a PhD!"


E. V. Kireeva

Financial mechanism of public-private partnerships: theory and practice

R. M. Shafiev, O. S. Ivanov, T. L. Kozhukhantseva

Taxes in Russian foreign trade activity

I. I. Nalbatov

Complex of forms for marketing maintenance of industrial enterprises

A. M. Sataev

The production plan in business planning for commercial and trade organizations

O. A. Filipchuk

SWOT-analysis of the Russian Federation federal budget revenue

V. I. Karpunin, T. S. Novashina, A. S. Sirotkin

Formation of financial mechanisms for developing water industry in Russiabased on backup mortgage system

O. Yu. Ermolovskaia, N. A. Evstropov

Dynamics of the Russian market of commercial real estate in different sectors of the entrepreneurial activity

A. V. Yaikov

The main problems of the tourist cluster development in the North-Caucasus Federal district

L. V. Zenina

Analysis of the economic benefits from the use of the franchise

A. A. Yussuf

Evaluation of investment attractiveness of Russian regions in terms of innovative economy

V. I. Bykov, I. E. Starostin

Quasigradient models of nonlinear economic dynamics

A. V. Kaminskiy

Prospects of the use of natural-gas-based motor fuel in Russia

Blazhina M. G.

Advertisement in E-Commerce


Yu. V. Ragulina, R. N. Fedosova

Peculiarities in the ratio of state, nonstate and private sectors in the framework of corporate social responsibility

G. E. Boldyreva

Analysis of the reprocessing efficiency and use of human capital

E. V. Dankova, N. I. Osipenko

Demand for human resources: methodological issues

S. G. Falko, G. V. Larionov

Controlling of human resource management systems

K. G. Frolov

Competitive growth of small enterprises in the service sector

O. V. Panina, O. V. Goloborodova, Yu. N. Klimkin

State management of the energy saving policy in Russia: problems and prospects

F. Zh. Surkina, E. A. Timofeeva, O. F. Kagarmanova, I. B. Dakhkilgov

Theoretical aspects of fighting corruption

A. I. Anpilov, K. G. Frolov

Ways of economic and organizational improvement of small business development

V. V. Malykh, V. V. Kisula

Some aspects of quality management organization of educational products and services

I. G. Larionova

Quasiintegration in the printing business: realities and prospects

S. V. Kochetov

Financial intelligence of Russia in the international system of combating legalization (laundering) of criminal income and financing of terrorism

I. A. Zhuravleva

Improvement tools of the mechanism of openness of executive authorities activity

G. G. Chakhkiev, M. K. Krivtsova

Modernization and economic growth as the main guidelines of corporate management

V. V. Shogin

Model of the Russian Federation conduct on the basis of viability criteria

E. A. Domnikov, D. A. Tamrazyan, V. O. Yadayan

Foreign experience in evaluation of the efficiency and effectiveness of the public authorities activity of foreign countries

V. D. Lopasteyskaya

Controlling as a feedback form in a contour of management of the enterprise

V. M. Nusinov

To the question of diversification in modern corporate structures

V. E. Bessonov, M. V. Boyko

Ensuring conditions for the development of state-private entrepreneurship in the housing rent market in Moscow


A. M. Gogolev

Public administration in the area of taxes and fees: the administrative and legal aspect

A. M. Budaev

Modern law-making at the local level: trends and prospects

N. A. Lebedev, A. S. Popov

Spatial factor of local self-government: the legislative framework


A. A. Yudina

Small business in Russia: gender features (on materials of domestic sociologists and psychologists research)

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